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Sisters in Style: Jackee Ging of Style Truck with Bernie Rupcich, Kim DiMarco of Magnolia on Main


When these fabulous ladies of style join together, there is no stopping them from delivering the latest fashions and premier customer service! How do they do it? By bringing the fashion and service to you.

Bernie Rupcich and Kim DiMarco of Magnolia on Main and Jackee Ging of Style Truck are visionary women entrepreneurs who are onto something big with their boutiques on wheels. The ladies cater to women on the go by bringing the latest styles and accessories to their customers at street festivals, non-profit fundraisers, scheduled pop-up shops and private parties.

Traveling fashion begins by keeping in touch with the latest fashions from New York and Las Vegas and bringing those unique pieces to you in their customized traveling boutiques.

Rupcich and DiMarco are experienced fashion retailers who started their business Magnolia on Main in 2016. They personalize your shopping experience by providing styling advice that makes each customer look and feel their very best. Magnolia on Main also carries home decor by local artisans.

Upon walking into Magnolia and Main, you’ll be amazed by the transformation of a shuttle van into a warm, rustic boutique complete with a dressing room. Whether shopping for an outfit to wear to work or on the weekend or for a unique gift for the home, Magnolia on Main is the place to shop.

Ging handles all things fashion in her Style Truck since she opened her doors in 2013 with the tagline “Have fashion, will travel!” I was delighted to shop there during La Pomponnée’s Get Dolled Up fashion show at Bella Serra which raised funds for the Dress for Success charity.

Style Truck provides a unique shopping experience by bringing high quality, stylish yet affordable women’s clothing and accessories to your home, business, or event. In a world where the retail experience isn’t always enjoyable, Style Truck makes you feel like you’re shopping in your fashionable friend’s closet. “Customers become friends, and you want to hang out there.”

Having traveled a lot in the past, Ging understands the needs of women on the go. “Women today want quality, customer service, fashion, and unique finds, and they can find all of that in Style Truck.”

In fact, Style Truck has become so good at its unique shopping experience that it was awarded the 2015 Style Week Pittsburgh’s Boutique of the Year honor.

Though both trucks are completely individual businesses, what separates them from so many businesses is a spirit of sisterhood, not competition.

Ging explained, “I love being around other fashion trucks because we all share a love of this city and enjoy being part of making it fashionable. And there is enough to go around. If I know that Magnolia on Main has the perfect necklace to complement an outfit from my truck, then I will suggest that my customer stop there next. Bernie and Kim do the same for me.” This kind of commitment to helping each other is something I love to see among women business owners.

During the holidays, Style Truck can be found in a hut in Market Square for the Holiday Market. Style Truck was part of the inaugural market and has participated the past five years selling winter accessories.

Aside from events, the fashion trucks are available for home parties and fundraisers. If you want to make your event unique or need an idea for a different type of fundraiser, book a fashion truck.

These fashion-on-the-go businesses are flourishing! DiMarco credits their reciprocity, in part. “Building each other’s businesses in turn helps our own. It helps grow the industry itself.”

Instead of being competitors, all three women say they have become more like sisters instead.


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