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Ready-to-Wear Fashion Flair for Little People


There is a lack of ready-to-wear clothing designed for little people. Kathy Woods explained to Inspiring Lives Magazine that, “as a little girl, I witnessed the challenges my mother faced because she had to alter all of my clothes. As an adult, those challenges continued with expensive trips to the tailor. My frustration led me to the idea of creating the Kathy D. Woods collection, and the rest is fashion history!”

Woods is the first fashion designer to ever create a ready-to-wear clothing line for little people. In 2012, she became the innovator who showed little people that they matter in both the fashion industry and on the runway when she introduced the Kathy D. Woods collection at the Little People National Conference Fashion Show. The industry and little people everywhere have been buzzing about it ever since.

Kathy D. Woods is an on-line women’s clothing company showcasing fashions expressly designed for adult little people. The fashion house is passionate about providing beautiful and high quality ready-to-wear clothing that is affordable, of exquisite taste, and perfectly proportioned.

The company offers excellent fit for a variety of body types. Smart, chic, and always relevant, the Kathy D. Woods collection embodies modern concepts for the empowered woman.

Woods explained that the number one challenge is fit. “When we purchase clothes from a department store, we have to have them altered. Often, the garments become distorted and nothing like the original design.” That is why the focus for the Kathy D. Woods collection is to give customers the proper fit with a collection that is elegant, chic and modern. She explained her ideal customer: “I’m designing for women ages 25-45, who want to invest in quality clothing with impeccable fit, style, and timeless appeal.”

Rebecca Cokley, one of her many fashion clients, stated, “When I initially tried something from Kathy’s clothing line, it was the first time I put on something and said ‘This is me. I don’t need to alter it. I don’t need to move that hemline or make sure to wear a belt (back gap is all too common in jeans).’ I love supporting a business that is owned by a member of my community.”

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