Inspiring Lives Magazine will be headquartered in the beautiful penthouse of the historic Frick Building in downtown Pittsburgh! We were welcomed with open arms by the visionary behind COTERIE Company, Joanna Bailey, as the media sponsors of this growing movement in female-focused work spaces.

Bailey also founded a national women’s organization, Women Who RISE, which amplifies the work of visionary women making things happen for others. Founded in 2013, Women Who RISE has already featured more than 80 remarkable women and 30 powerful organizations serving people worldwide. Her lifestyle brand has had more than 3.5 million views in the past three years. Women Who RISE is a modern guide for the purpose-driven woman.

In this article to introduce the Inspiring Lives Magazine readers to COTERIE, the founder Joanna Bailey explains the female-friendly, beautiful co-working spaces and how this will connect women and elevate their businesses.

COTERIE Company: Luxury Co-working Spaces

COTERIE is the amalgamation of Joanna Bailey’s more than 25 years in business and personal experiences. COTERIE Company envisions working spaces that are the response to professional needs of a creative, mobile, independent female workforce. Positioned as the first female-focused provider of professional and personal services organized on a global scale, our mission is to elevate, educate, and empower the female entrepreneur while supporting the surrounding community. With more than 40 markets identified, Pittsburgh; Charlotte; Chicago; Washington, DC; Orlando; and Boston are currently in development. International locations will open in the United Kingdom in 2017.

COTERIE is co-working for women. COTERIE provides communities that are rich in resources, opportunity, and an inclusive culture that works to promote, support, and amplify the work of women across all markets: business, healthcare, finance, education, politics, environmental development, and tech. COTERIE is a right fit for small business owners, female founders, women in the corporate space who need a fresh atmosphere, women ready to re-enter the workforce, educators, healthcare professionals, activists, community leaders…we are a community with an intentionally broad demographic.

Why did Joanna Bailey Spearhead COTERIE?

I believe that we’re all designed for greatness. Part of what separates those who grow into that and those who don’t is community. As individuals, we have a responsibility to develop a healthy compass for what we desire in life, and then act on that proclivity. As leaders, I believe we also have a responsibility to create space for others to be successful. I have been blessed by people who have made space for me in my personal and professional life. I reached a point where I realized that it was time for me to do the same for others. It’s more than one woman working to create equal space with men. It is also being honest about the barriers women create for each other and doing what we can to tear down those walls and connect the talent, passion, and intention of women everywhere. COTERIE provides a solution for that on many levels.

Inspiring Lives Magazine as Media Sponsor

I love what Inspiring Lives is doing to advance women around the world. Dr. Shellie Hipsky doesn’t just talk about solutions, she’s creating them. It’s clear to me that Inspiring Lives Magazine is a vessel for advancing the work of dynamic women worldwide.

I’m inclined to work with people who walk their vision out, people who care about expanding the world for others, and those who know that life is truly only about what we give. After meeting with Shellie, I also appreciate that we share a philosophy that we are stronger together than we are solo, and that connecting people is the formula that creates incalculable value.

The Future of COTERIE

In 5 years, COTERIE will be developing communities in regions of the world that are begging to be served, areas where savvy, resourceful, tenacious women have been surviving on little means for generations. Recognizing that we don’t understand all of the problems of these regions, we will integrate local female leaders into COTERIE’s fabric and work together to create innovative opportunities that they identify as critical. We intend to build in areas that we recognize as prime service models, in addition to our high-volume profit markets. These service communities will create jobs and offer micro-loans and education that creates more than basic literacy. In the future, we will also help build schools in under served areas of Africa, South and Central America, and Southeast Asia.

One of the projects that most excites me is the Phoenix Project. Our investment arm will serve women in each community we build in, offering funding to women of every level of business. From the serial entrepreneur with a fresh and bold vision to the seasoned pro who’s ready for her next growth lunge, we’ll invest in women who are creating bold solutions, with a focus on those who see beyond their bottom line. Purpose driven business is what we’re all about; our investment focus will mirror that. In 5 years, we’ll be open worldwide, with tens of thousands of members who are inspiring lives daily. For more information about COTERIE Company, please visit




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